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Friday, October 15, 2010

I've finally finished watching Deathnote (or Death Note, whichever you guys prefer) and I must say I'm pretty impressed with how things turned out, the plot of the story itself and such. And yes! I got to finish watching it first before my brother did! ^_^ For the next things I'm going to comment about, please be warned that they may be considered spoilers.

Raito does die but Lawliet goes ahead (yay for Light!) and I don't think Near really deserves much credit for catching Kira since in the first place, every single investigation, evidence and things in relation have been handed to him on a silver platter. Actually, he just bases all of his next moves on this things and what Mello will be doing. I still do think Ryuzaki is way better than he is. If only Kira wasn't Light, Yagami-kun would have still been the best successor to L.

I find it a shame as well that Teru Mikami did what he did because if not for that, Kira wouldn't have been caught and a new world, almost free of criminals and useless people would have been indeed created. I do also actually think Mello is better than Near, although I am siding with Near regarding being logical and whatnot, since he actually risked his life so many times in order to get to Kira first.

I do not like Misa Amane's character just as I don't like Near's and Mello's but I find Watari's very cool. It is also very much unfortunate that Yagami-san had to die like that and thank God, Light didn't have to write his sister's name in the Death Note. I feel very sad for her though because after being kidnapped and returned unharmed, maybe because of trauma, she becomes unresponsive to others and is unable to continue on with her life.

I like Ryuk very, very much but when I saw the trailer of the first movie made regarding Death Note, I have to admit he looks so much scarier in real life (haha). I haven't watched the full movie though, just some parts and the trailer. I didn't continue watching because I didn't really feel like the way I felt like towards watching the anime while watching the film. I found the image of the bookmarks at deviantART and I think I'd actually buy them if they existed.

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