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Blank 'til something comes up.


Blank 'til something comes up.



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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

We know the meanings of the songs on Selfish Machine and Collide with the Sky, but I really wish we knew the meanings of all the songs on A Flair for the Dramatic.
-- Pierce the Veil

I did not make that up I swear! :) I got it from confessionsfromtheselfish-ptv's Tumblr.

So I went to this huge-ass concert last week (16th, Saturday)...

It's been so long since I've been here and believe me, I've been wanting to... for a terribly long time. It's just that I didn't know which words to use.

Anyway, school's been awful as of late. I've been doing really horrible and if my mom knew, I think she'd die in a heartbeat, not expecting something as shitty from me.

I've been to a concert last 16th, Saturday, by Pierce the Veil and Sleeping with Sirens. It was fantastic, they almost filled the venue and we were able to get to the front. Hell, Tony Perry (the adorable turtle that he is) even gave me one of his to-die-for guitar picks.

They put on an amazing show and I just had to headbang and jump a lot that Jaime and Tony and I kept on locking eyes a lot because I was just so into it! I even kept on fist-bumping the air. Don't get me wrong of course -- Jesse Lawson, Justin Hills, Gabe Barham, Kellin Quinn and the Fuentes brothers were pretty awesome too.

Jaime and Tony just were my faves because... well, they noticed me I guess.

Today, I've been inspired to write actually because I've realized I seriously have to control my obsession with British music. I've been looking up bands and SURPRISE, SURPRISE... they turn out to be all British. I mean, WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH ME. I mean, I have always liked Muse... and yes, Oasis. But man, I feel like this already borderline or something. It ought to be, I think.

I've been looking up Bring Me The Horizon, You Me At Six, and Kids in Glass Houses.

First, Mexicans (Pierce the Veil).... Now, Brits. FUCKING SUE ME. I even despise my local music.

Also, I've recently found out I might slightly be sapiosexual. As in, I get attracted to intelligence and when it's used. UGH, THIS IS WHAT SCHOOL MAKES ME. I hate school. SO MUCH. But no, I haven't gotten to the point that I get aroused by intelligence, mind you (THANK GOD).

So yep, that's what pretty much been happening to my shits as of late.
Pity me, I tell you, and wish me the damned-est of luck. Ciaooooo~

'til these hearts collide.
11:59:00 AM