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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

party pass & meet-and-greet pass
So it wasn't exactly all that fun, really.


I'm so grateful I was given the chance to meet the bands personally, and that's thanks to my concert buddy's, aka friend's, dearest loveliest sister who gave me one of her extra passes to the party. She won the passes along with her Marianas Trench meet-and-greet pass.

The fan party was a party meant for Bazooka Rocks: The Philippines' First Indoor Rock Festival.

There were actually 2 fan parties, both took place last September 29, 2012 but one was held earlier (2:00P.M.) at SM Megamall while the one I went to, which was at SM Mall of Asia's Music Hall, happened later that day (4:00P.M.).

The first fan party featured Mayday Parade, Forever the Sickest Kids, Askylit Drive, Avastera, and Taylor Momsen of The Pretty Reckless while the second fan party featured five bands, namely The Pretty Reckless, Forever the Sickest Kids, Marianas Trench, The Maine, and The Wonder Years.

Mall of Asia Atrium
The fan parties involved the meet-and-greets (except for Mayday Parade whose meet-and-greet was moved to earlier the next day, the 30th, before the actual Bazooka Rocks concert because they got here late and were too tired from their fresh flight to do actual meet-and-greets that same day) and some other fun activities (Mall of Asia provided henna tattoo artists who did tats for free but only one per person, several Nintendo Wii games, and promos and trivia contests for fans who wants to win meet-and-greets on the spot).

The fan party at the Music Hall was moved to the Atrium because of weather issues (winds kept knocking down the stands that had some pictures of the bands when they were at the Music Hall, since the Music Hall was sort of an open area at the middle of the mall).

I had to skip my last two Saturday classes (and therefore, my two quizzes) again to be able to get there a bit earlier to line up first and secure a good spot, but 'twas well worth it because I won two meet-and-greets on the spot (other people had joined contests and promos earlier by other establishments and people and already won tickets beforehand therefore), one to The Wonder Years, then one for Marianas Trench.

The Pretty Reckless
They asked several questions for The Wonder Years pass and I wasn't able to answer several of these because so many people knew the answers (the questions were pretty easy) until they asked who the vocalist of the band was! No one was raising their hand or shouting the answer but of course... Since, I AM AN ACTUAL LEGIT FAN, I knew the answer to that. That's right, fuckers, you can all eat my dust. :))

I said Soupy Campbell, and truth behold, I was scared at first that they might not consider it because Soupy is actually just the vocalist's nickname, his real name's Dan. I wanted to die right there and then because I was so embarrassed that I didn't say his whole name (real + nick), I wanted the earth to open up and just eat me!

But fate was on my side AND I WON THE TICKET. Since well, I guess, nobody was still stealing the pass by saying Dan's name. SO YEAH, DAMN LUCKY. :)

There was also this one supposedly fan..... The question actually was, "What is Taylor Momsen's band's name?" And this "fan" answers... *drumroll, please*

And oh my God, everyone was like laughing out loud like fucking hyenas including me, NOW THAT WAS MORE EMBARRASSING DEFINITELY! I mean, seriously, hello?? Is Gossip Girl even a band? Oh godssss. IT WAS JUST SO HILARIOUS, his friends were even making fun of him.

We all understand that he might be so nervous, so pressured to win the meet-and-greet pass so much.. BUT THAT'S NO EXCUSE!! If you were really a fan, you would know, right???

THAT WAS THE BEST PART OF MY WHOLE DAY, I SWEAR. I was clutching my sides from laughing so haaaaard.

My second meet-and-greet pass, I won it because my friend and I, yes my oh-so-famous-already concert buddy, made this sort of poster sign thing at her sketchbook and wrote,


We just wrote in simple black Sharpie, no designs even, nada, zilch, zip.

I shouted one of the hosts' name to get his attention and make him look at our sign and I was successful yes. At first, they even ridiculed our poster sign thing -- the hosts of the event -- because it, at first, had wrong grammar, I forgot which was wrong already, it may have been so embarrassing that my mind forgot it so we automatically changed the wrong then put it up in the air again and called the host again but this time, he didn't look quick, but after a few minutes, he noticed me again!

Then he said to the crowd something like this,

"So there's these girls, I can't help but notice that they've been pleading to meet the next band for quite a while now..."
Then he actually pointed at our sign!

We immediately ran to the stage in front and just fucking jumped and screamed at the hosts a thank you so much then ran to the meet-and-greet area where the rest of the people who got meet-and-greet passes were waiting.

Soooo, basically, I got to hug all of the TWY band members (and I even asked them what took them sooooooo long to get to the Philippines, and they just shrugged at me and said, "well, we're here now, aren't we??") and got to have a picture with them then I also got to see the members of Marianas Trench up close but couldn't hug all of them (I GOT TO HUG THE OH SO HOT AND PRETTY AND GLAM JOSH RAMSAY) because the security personnel was hurrying us up already, thanks to time issues though we still got to have a picture of them.

I was so tired after the whole thing because I also fought my way to get The Maine (Callaghan was wearing this totally rad black pants whose one side was stripes and the other had stars) The Pretty Reckless, and Forever the Sickest Kids (especially FTSK, I wouldn't have minded trading both of my meet-and-greet passes for ONE FTSK PASS). Maine-iacs were just so hard to beat! :))

Everyone was also kind of already tired when it was already TPR since they were the last to come on stage which was sad because they were fun. ):

The Wonder Years
But no one beats FTSK's energy when it was their time to hit the stage! They grabbed their own mics, sang some, and made the audience participate! They also kept on singing Psy's Oppa Gangnam Style. That was also hilarious! Jonathan was just so cute and funny the whole time. :)

It was just so sad that I was getting my henna done during FTSK's time so I didn't get to participate fully or didn't even get a chance to squeeze in front to see them up close! )):

The henna I got done on my left wrist (somewhere around the pulse point) was TWY's band logo (without the bird perching on the "R" though) 'cause so many stupid fan girls were having FTSK done on themselves and I just... well, wanted to stand out, I guess.
And no, I didn't play any Wii games.

P.S.: One of the hosts, the guy, his name was Bogart, he was funny. He kept on using this Australian accent thing, even Marianas Trench pointed it out when they were being interviewed.

P.P.S.: JOSH RAMSAY's body is the bomb. I can definitely say, no fat shit or whatever. Even if my friends says Ramsay's boobs feel saggy. I KNOW RIGHT, ULTIMATE WHAT THE FUCK. :))) And he's so sweet, he actually pulled me close for the picture thing. :">

'til these hearts collide.
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