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Blank 'til something comes up.


Blank 'til something comes up.



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Monday, March 14, 2011

For one thing, I would never advise you if you were just starting on reading fan fiction to read fan fiction being published at LiveJournal.

It’s not that those at LJ are really awful (comparing fan fiction published at LJ and at fanfiction.net, I can totally assure you that there are so, so much worse done fan fiction at FF.net, so badly done that I don’t think no words even deserve to describe these badly written fan fiction) but fan fiction published at LJ are usually one shots (some long, actually, scratch that, most of them are long), memes (usually very short and cryptic, trust me) and the likes.

From experience (meaning, when I started to read fan fiction), I found it really hard to read small text and long paragraphs that seemed to go on forever no matter how awesome that fan fic is as said by almost everyone so it was really terrible back then for me because I haven’t discovered fanfiction.net and its amazingness.

So I’ve just praised FF.net which might confuse you since I’ve just almost put them in the lowest pedestal that can be imagined (which is exaggerating but you do get that, don’t you?). Fanfiction.net is actually an amazing place, it’s just that it’s also the easiest place to get your thing out there, y’know, so tons of people, good or bad writers as they are, flock there.

If I have to be kind of brutally honest, out of ten fan fics there, perhaps only half or less are actually nicely written stories.

So what I'm really trying to point out here is not those things I've just said about FF.net but just as a somewhat friendly advice, if you're just starting out with this whole fanfic thing and you're not really a huge reader or something, I recommend for you to go to FF.net first because things are easier to read and the stories are lighter to read there.

Although, I really suggest that for really awesome reads, you should sometimes try to google (since I do find it easier to look for sites with fanfics there and do not worry, LJ almost always comes up, just remember to not just check the first page of the results) and not stick all the time with FF.net like I sometimes used to.

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