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Blank 'til something comes up.


Blank 'til something comes up.



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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Good morning! So you see, I usually wake up early and today's definitely one of those exceptions to that somewhat rule. And no, it's not my birthday, I will be celebrating mines on the twelfth day of May. My mom's was yesterday and I sort of forgot it (blaming school for that disaster).

She had to almost tell me (since her dropping clues weren't really adding up in my mind correctly) just for something inside of me to snap and actually remember! To somewhat soothe me and my brain, I learned that other people in the house also forgot!

Only my uncle, her older brother, remembered (so that was why he bought ice cream last night and when I begged to haven a taste, swatted my hand from the freezer quickly)! Her aunt or her father's sister also forgot, and so did my brother! Good thing mom was ready to forgive and forget as usual.

Even though we knew we would already end up going home late if we do what we usually do when someone in the house as a birthday (except for her aunt of course, she complains about going outside of the house since her joints are always achy and stuff), they still waited for me at the mall near the school where mom works as a librarian (I could've went there straight from school but I forgot, we would have gone home earlier then).

We ended up having dinner at Pancake House (yummmmy), instead of Max's because there were too many people at Max's and mom hates crowded places (somewhat like me). I already forgot what we ordered 'cause I was so dead tired when we finally came home yesterday and slept at once after greeting mom again.

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