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Blank 'til something comes up.


Blank 'til something comes up.



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Thursday, November 04, 2010

As in, help her do this. I was even staring at her when she told me to prepare some stuff as we were emptying the plastic bags of groceries we bought before going home since I seriously didn't have any experience cooking anything at all, even eggs or hotdogs. Unless you count my entering a cooking contest when I was in sixth grade concerning pasta dishes for which I had to memorize a whole recipe with me not ending up as a winner but just as a finalist. Yeah, a fucking finalist for what it was all worth. I don't even exactly understand now why I even bothered to join that.

I was kind of disappointed this morning when mom served this for breakfast and all my pressing of the corners together ended.. open. Pancit molo (never mind the pancit part 'cause I asked my mom why there was the pancit part in the name when there's not even a single strand of pancit or noodle in the end product and then she just pursed her lips, shook her head at me, laughed and told me I was being foolish; I was just looking like what the heck at her, not that she would understand what I was trying to convey when I gave her that look) is supposed to Filipino Dumpling Soup in English.

So you see, I was kind of expecting something looking like dumplings in my soup that morning but what greeted me instead in the bowl was wrapper floating and baby handfuls (or maybe even half of that) of filling of meat, shrimp, egg, onions, turnips, salt, and pepper swimming in the soup. But anyways, it's still all good 'cause it did end up tasting good (or I don't know, maybe that's just me 'cause I'm tasting my hard work last night and that just tastes so epic like I swear). Mom tells me the same thing though but I think we have the same reason for saying such so.

Mom ended packing up some of it for our lunch today at school so I was in pure bliss while putting some minced spring onion and think flakes of garlic on my dumplings. My brother only appreciated the dish during lunch and dinner though (I'm thinking this will continue 'til tomorrow morning 'cause my grandmother and my aunt who is currently living with us didn't like the dish and therefore didn't touch their share when we left some at home) since he wasn't a huge fan of it when we had it for breakfast (I only knew now the explanation for his sour face).

I'm the only consuming the spring onion though. My mom and my brother hates it. I don't exactly know why. Whenever I ask them, they just give me faces saying I was being stupid. So I'm not gonna ask again just to get the same answer for the sake of this entry. Sorry.

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