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Blank 'til something comes up.


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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

So whatcha think of Emma's new cut? I think it's okay, not exactly a bad hair day kind of thing but definitely not one her best cuts as of late. I also think every lady should go through this kind of thing (y'know, getting cuts that y'know a lot of people won't really like but you kinda like so you went with it). I did it when I was at third grade and it was worse for me 'cause I was way fat back then so I only looked chubbier with my hair cut shorter. Blame the summer heat during that time. Definitely agonizing. My brother hates the cut on Emma though.

And that's something I guess, since he's somewhat of a huge HP fan. I used to be one as well but Twilight came and as embarrassing as it is to admit (anyways, this is my blog, who gives a damn), the Cullens replaced the trio in my heart (although they're still there, it's just that their space is a lot smaller now, sorry). But no matter how much they were replaced, I think I've never been as huge of a fan of Twilight really as I've been once with HP (so you see, it's all good).

By the way, the point of this entry is to gush about the issue and not about my obsession with Twilight and previous one with HP so moving on.. I love this issue because it's got three (yes, three, not two, not one but THREE!) covers and because those covers are yep, Emma, second is Glee (not like I'm a huge Gleek but yeah, never mind that fact, doesn't really matter) and this is the most important of all covers.. the third features Vampire Diaries! (And I think I actually drooled over the Salvatore brother, my gawd, is Elena/Katherine lucky or what?!)

Kidding 'bout the drooling part though, seriously, aren't Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley just oozing hot?! I don't really watch the show on a regular basis but shit, I've been missing a lot regarding these two! Matt Donovan was also mentioned in the issue but unfortunately, it wasn't a whole article, just a part of it but still they put a picture of him there.

Amanda Seyfried's in the issue too and I've been a fan since Jennifer's Body (I know the film wasn't the best but it kinda made me really appreciate Amanda so yeah, if you haven't watched the film, I sorta advise you to watch it but not so much 'cause it's seriously like wasting some hours of your life when you could at least be spending sometime outside, soaking some sun unless you're one of those guys who are obsessed with Megan Fox and her so called hotness, not like I'm bashing her or anything but seriously).

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