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Blank 'til something comes up.


Blank 'til something comes up.



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Sunday, November 07, 2010

I got the title from the lyrics of Straight to Your Heart by The Spin Room from The Dreams We Keep 'cause they're awesome like that, no seriously (although what I'm really listening to as of the moment is Doesn't Mean Anything by Alicia Keys).

And I'm saying that 'cause I have no idea what else to post for today besides the fact that my nose is still being a pain (it's been hurting since yesterday's episode of me crying my shit out in case you didn't know) and the fact that I've finally uploaded some crap at my deviant since I don't think I'll be going out of the house today except when I have to attend mass later in the afternoon with my mom and my brother if he feels like it.

I'm calling the stuff I uploaded at deviant crap because they are indeed crap and I'm supposed to actually upload more (I only got to upload around five I think) but my brother made an account there first and just so he can put something in his profile, he stole some pictures of our cats and kittens from my phone and uploaded it at his account. I've also uploaded a pic for my deviantID with me in my high school uniform and without my head.

I sure hope no one notices and makes a connection with the school though. By the way, you guys better fave my shit there if you have deviant accounts especially if you like the pic up there 'cause I seriously took it myself no matter how much it doesn't look like it does (and no stealing 'cause that just sucks).

Also, I am still not sure if I'll be able to go back to school on the tenth since I haven't enrolled yet and it doesn't look like we'll be having money anytime soon. And so, the future of me having a new phone whether one from Cherry Mobile or from Samsung still looks kind of blurry as well. ): Oh yeah, I also found out today that I'll be having classes again with this guy I'm trying to avoid during the last semester at school if ever I do go to school this second semester.

Aaaargh, tough luck.

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