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Blank 'til something comes up.


Blank 'til something comes up.



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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

So I thought today would be a lot harder and a lot more different than my two previous final examinations for this semester but as it turns out, it seems like my professors are just as lazy as we are students 'cause just like my exams in biological science or NS201 (NS201, not NS1 because there are tons of Natural Science courses you can take and biological science's code turned out to be 201, I'll be taking another natural science course next semester which is earth science and hopefully like all of my seniors are telling me, it'll be a hell lot easier than bio since bio almost took me to the freaking edge) and developmental reading or Eng105 (I'm also currently taking up Eng1 so all in all, I'm taking up 2 English courses, imagine that), they also gave us exams consisting of purely multiple choices with the exception of Philippine history since it also had an essay but when you think about it, the essay doesn't really matter (it just asks you 'bout your opinions and shit, I don't even know what got into my prof in that course that made her include that waste of time).

My mind's a jumbled mess of dates from history, equations from math and kinds of sacrifices from theology. Damn. Good thing I don't have exams tomorrow (but I do have one on Wednesday and it's at 7AM which is a double damn in my opinion). I absolutely advice you to click on the image above for a better view since I think it's a really nice image showing you my current stand regarding mathematics. It's from Missus Mosley of deviantART by the way.

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