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Love is our Resistance.
They'll keep us apart, they won't stop breaking us down.



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Blank 'til something comes up.


Blank 'til something comes up.


Blank 'til something comes up.



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Sunday, May 30, 2010

5 musicians I’ve been listening to a lot lately

1. All Time Low
2. Avril Lavigne
3. Motion City Soundtrack
4. Plain White T's
5. Muse

5 things I’m addicted to

1. tumblr
2. blogger
3. juice ('cause lately, it's so fucking hot.)
4. music
5. food

5 biggest celebrity crushes

1. Johnny Depp
2. Brad Pitt
3. Paul Bettany
4. Tom Felton
5. Robert Pattinson (in some angles, yes but not all the obsessing time like some other fan girls do.)

5 songs I can’t stop listening to at the moment

1. Kerli's Tea Party
2. Paradiso Girls' Patron Tequila
3. The White Tie Affair's Candle (Sick and Tired)
4. Shontelle's T-Shirt
5. Ke$ha's Your Love is My Drug

5 favorite TV shows

1. Chuck
2. American Idol
3. Gossip Girl
4. Quickfire
5. Spongebob Squarepants (harharhar.)

5 things in your dream future

1. have a job that I like
2. to be able to travel places without getting scared
3. learn how to play any instrument
4. marry a guy who won't be like my dad
5. move to somewhere a little more noisier or chaotic

5 things that always cheers me up

1. music
2. internet
3. food
4. family
5. friends

Top 5 people I want to punch in the face

1. Kanye West for what he did to Taylor Swift
2. Chris Brown for doing what he did to Rihanna
3. Joe Jonas for doing that to Taylor Swift
4. My dad 'cause he's an ass
5. Haters, jerks, bitches

5 songs that come up when my iPod's on shuffle

1. The All-American Rejects' Swing Swing
2. Paris Hilton's Stars Are Blind
3. Switchfoot's Dare You to Move
4. Jordin Sparks' This is My Now
5. Akon's Beautiful


'til these hearts collide.
10:45:00 PM