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Blank 'til something comes up.


Blank 'til something comes up.



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Saturday, May 08, 2010

I was definitely surprised when I set foot in the jeepney towards my destination this morning. Wouldn’t you be if you were just an average Filipino, expecting songs from a radio station blasting through the vehicle (since that’s very, very usual) but what you get instead is an earful of political insights from a old (literally, he has white hair and wrinkly skin though unlike others like him, he drives pretty decently) driver’s point of view.

About the decent driving par t though, what I meant was that some old drivers drive like we’re going to a funeral or something (and all that’s left for it to really feel like the procession itself was old sad songs for the dead and the mourning). Anyways, I actually hated the fact that I didn’t get to hear much because there wasn’t traffic (you’d think I’m joking ‘cause I’d prolly think so too if I wasn’t the author).

But the old man was very straightforward too because even if I was only in the said vehicle for some minutes, I found out he doesn’t want Noynoy Aquino to win (oh and yeah, someone wearing Noynoy’s baler actually rode the vehicle and listened to the whole rant without much of a complain) since he doesn’t have much experience and that because of that, people around him might just try to manipulate him.

My mom agrees with the guy (she was with me the whole time) and if I did give a damn about this country’s politics (I don’t ‘cause I will still be turning seventeen next week), I think I would actually take his thoughts into serious consideration since he also pointed out tons of stuff like his mom only became president because of the emotional turmoil the country was feeling then (no offense people, come on!).

Mom then whispers to me that his mom even promised to lower some stuffs’ prices then but it didn’t happen and what happened instead was stuffs’ prices continued to soar (thus I conclude on my own that that started all of the current commodities’ prices rising to unbelievable heights). Well, so that’s it. I just wanted to get all of that out, not to deviate your votes to someone else if you’re voting for him.


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