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Love is our Resistance.
They'll keep us apart, they won't stop breaking us down.



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Blank 'til something comes up.


Blank 'til something comes up.


Blank 'til something comes up.



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Monday, November 09, 2009

I'm currently in love with Jack Mannequin's Dark Blue. I think it's a pretty old song already since it's one of the first songs in my iTunes. Kind of reminds me how I also loved Coldplay's Yellow earlier this year. See the pattern? xD Anyways, it's already twenty seven minutes past six in the evening here.

I had to go home on my own today after decorating our bulletin board (with two of my female classmates in secret because we've been told by our adviser to give the job to somebody else since we've been decorating the whole classroom since first quarter) due to the fact that my comrade-in-crime's sick.

I bought some tablets for his fever since we didn't have enough money last night to buy tons for him (our money were enough for traveling expenses) and was pissed because the people at the drugstore are too slow. I mean come on, they were like six or eight people behind the counter?!


'til these hearts collide.
6:27:00 PM