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Blank 'til something comes up.


Blank 'til something comes up.



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Saturday, October 24, 2009

It's thirty four minutes past nine in the evening here already. I spent most of the day at a hospital today beside my uncle while he was undergoing dialysis and when he was transferred back to the ward at Cardinal Santos. It's a relieving sight from what I've seen at the Philippine general hospital where my father's mother died.

We were supposed to go home with my uncle at around eleven in the morning since my uncle was at the dialysis place since seven in the morning but we had problems with paying the bills since we didn't really have money in the first place and were depending on his boss who promised him beforehand that he'd pay the dues.

Only one guardian was allowed per patient but you know being me and my mom, yeah we'd so like follow the rules anytime of the day. Mom also made chicken sandwiches and fried pork rolls last night for today since the food there is costly. And thanks to today's activities, I got to catch up on my reading of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.

I now know why the title's such and I definitely can't wait how Bennet and Darcy will end up. I'm also very sad for Jane and Bingley. And I hate the fact that Lizzy's mom sucks and that Lydia's such a coquette (we actually had to spell that thing last year for English). I've also noticed just now that I've forgotten to put up my links at the other side. Stupid huh.


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